The Grünberger family settled in Kötcse, Somogy county in 1840.


This picture was taken in 1936.
Manó Grünberer with his assistants.

After the settlement they worked as carpenters. They got in touch of making chandeliers through wood work, wood carving and wooden sculpture.

They founded a workshop which dealt with carpenting and made wooden sculptures, furnitures and chandeliers in Budapest in 1901.


Jenő Grünberger with his assistants in his workshop at Klauzál square

There were the prominent personalitiesof the era and emerging Hungarian bourgeoisie among the customers of the workshop. The workshop had customers from big institutes such as ministries, cultural institutes, hotels and restaurants. All of the customers ordered unique furnitures and chandeliers.

Tamás Grünberger has preseved his family’s traditions, and he owns a chandalier workshop like his father. This fascinating manufacture is located in Budapest Nagymező Street. Unfortunately he works as a rare chandelier maker and bronze professionalist. As a dedicated member of this industry he designs the chandeliers of different ages and desings and makes chandeliers with similar age. The master also reapairs and replaces smaller lamp bodies.

The family has been in the industry since the fourth generation.


The renovation of a big chandelier in a catholic church in Solymár (outsikirts of Budapest)
On the picture from left to right: Gábor Kochan+, Tamás Grünberger, Tamás Gábor Grünberger

The sold works are shown in the „Works” section.



Making and repairing antique and unique, exotic wood and crystal chandeliers.